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Within the heritage industry, obtaining data upon which to make sound business decisions is difficult. There is more information available, though, than most management teams are aware. However, data quality is variable, data are not always quantitative, and sometimes you have to read between the lines. Heritage Business Journal aims to present some of these data along with insights, interpretation, and commentary. Heritage Business Journal has correspondents on the beat around the world covering the various sectors that comprise the heritage industry (click here if you are interested in contributing).

What makes Heritage Business Journal different from other sources of information about the heritage industry? First, we recognize that the heritage industry is global and do our best to include information from as many reaches of the world as possible. Second, we define the heritage industry more broadly than others. For us, heritage compliance services is just one of the sectors in the heritage industry. We also view tourism, attractions, architectural restoration/renovation, preservation planning, and media as parts of the heritage industry. While most of our current correspondents are based in the compliance sector, we are seeking analysts to cover each sector with equal weight. Third, we narrow our focus to business and economic issues and, importantly, do our best to provide quantitative data whenever possible. We want our readers to be able to use what we post to make data-based strategic business decisions.  These are some of the things that make Heritage Business Journal distinct.

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