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New journal accepts heritage business articles

Advances in Archaeological Practice:  A Journal of the Society for American Archaeology

Advances in Archaeological Practice: A Journal of the Society for American Archaeology

Many of you who read Heritage Business Journal (HBJ) know that this blog has taken a bit of a hiatus. This is due to my appointment as Editor of the Society for American Archaeology’s new journal entitled Advances in Archaeological Practice:  A Journal of the Society for American Archaeology. This volunteer position is quite time consuming and has superseded, at least for a while, other professional activities to which I volunteer my time, such as coordinating HBJ. That said, Heritage Business Journal is always looking for new contributors from around the world and I’ll always find the time to see that the work of HBJ contributors, current or new, gets published.

Please note, though, that Advances in Archaeological Practice is one of the few places where you can publish peer-reviewed work on the business of heritage. Not only am I encouraging you to read this new journal, I’m encouraging you to contribute manuscripts on business topics! At least through 2016, when my term ends, you know that the journal has an editor that is passionate about heritage business topics. The first two issues (August and November 2013) are free and can be read here. Beginning in 2014, the journal will be for paid subscribers or included as a part of membership in the Society for American Archaeology.

If you are interested in contributing a business article to this exciting new journal, please refer to the Instructions for Authors. If you have questions or want to discuss an idea, please feel free to contact me at

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